Select PayPal Accounts: Spend Your First $5+ at Google Play Using PayPal, Get a $10 Reward

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    Select PayPal Accounts: Make your very first purchase of $5+ on Google Play using PayPal and earn a $10 Reward towards your next purchase (see the instructions below).

    1. Click here for the PayPal Offer Page
    2. Current PayPal members, click Get Started. New PayPal members, click sign up and create an account.
      • To be eligible for this offer, you must see an authorized paid media ad, google store in-app banners, PayPal email, PayPal push notifications, PayPal deals or PayPal in-app banners containing the invitation to participate in the offer.
    3. Proceed to the Google Play Store
    4. Make your very first purchase of at least $5+ by 12/31/2022, using PayPal on the Google Play store (or on Google Play).
      • Eligible Purchases do not include: (1) send/receive money transactions (including those marked as "Goods and Services" payments), (2) charitable donations, (3) purchases made using
    5. After PayPal confirms your purchase, you will receive an email to save your $10 reward to your wallet. Once saved, It can be used through 01/31/2023 towards any purchase using PayPal.
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