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  • heyy!! I have looked every where for black friday deals where if you buy like 60$ of product you get something free. The only one I could find is the Victoria Secrets one. I was wondering if you knew of any others!!! Thanks in Advanced!!
    Hey, first of all I wanted to thank you for such a great free site!!!! And secondly I was wondering if you would change my name from Senior Member to The Wild Thing Member!! thanks!!
    Chris, may I please change my user name from KathyinFlorida to KathyinFla? Also, instead of my subtitle Junior Member can it please say Miss Congeniality? Thanks!
    I have a coupon for a free burger and drink for Wendy's. My sis-in-law sent it to me in a email message. I tried to post it here, but was not successful. I can't copy and paste. I also don't have a direct link but I think it's a legit coupon. I wanted to run it pass you to see what you think.
    hi Chris, I keep seeing this one advertised but didn't find it on the site when I did a search, July 14th from open til 2:30 you can get a free baja fish taco at Long John Silvers, don't know if this is worth putting up, but I thought I'd pass it on.
    Chris I found this survey that offers a gc if you qualify and I did a search and it doesnt show up here, before I posted I wanted you to check if it has been in here before, this is the website rimester
    when you visit this site,a survey will pop up for a $10 gift card..
    this survey is for pregnant women.
    Hey Cris, its me again Margret. I was told to PM you and ask you to change my profile name from senior member to Hippy Member. I hope you don't mind me asking. I wasn't aware that you could change it and was wondering when it would change from senior member to something else. So Sara suggested Hippy Member as a name and I think that is a good name for me. Thanks!
    Chris I was reading in the off topic where someone asked about the secret santa spot. They suggested that anyone who might be interested to send you a message to get the password for the secret santa. It sounds like fun and was wondering if I could get the password. OH by the way I LOVE THIS SITE!
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