Lot18: Seafood Utensils (12 piece set) $4.99 shipped


Staff member
I posted this in that main page post where you mentioned that. After adding something to my cart I got that extra $10 credit about a day later :h5:


The Dreamer
does credit apply to shipping?

The SeaFood utensils ship for free and they are $24.99. YOu have seven days to use the extra credit(s). Check your emails often for free shipping promos - those are very time sensitive.


They have free shipping for the next 3 hours until 5est. The site is super slow. I didn't know they charged tax, so if you have the $20 left, pick something less than 18.99 if you want it free. It added about 1.54 tax to the 19.99 bottle I first tried.
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