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Thanks again for helping us with Deli Bites. We're gathering the goods we'll be sending you, and we'll be shipping them to you during the week of Aug. 2. You should receive your FREE Deli Bites during the week of Aug. 9!


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Due to overwhelming response, we've already received 1,000 eligible Johnsonville Enthusiast Club registrants.

We appreciate your interest and will continue to keep Johnsonville Enthusiast Club Members informed of Johnsonville news and promotions.


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This came in my email today:


Thanks again for your interest in sampling Johnsonville Deli Bites!

The demand for this new product is blowing us away, so we wanted to let you know that to meet the demand for Deli Bites, your samples will arrive in September, rather than in August.

Please note – due to the number of people with whom we’re sharing Deli Bites, we’ll be sending all the samples for arrival in September and will not be honoring requests for shipments to arrive on specific dates.

Also, some of you requested not to receive samples after you received our confirmation e-mail.

If you no longer wish to receive free samples of Deli Bites, please click here to be removed from our list.

If you have additional questions, please contact us here. Thanks again, and enjoy your Deli Bites!

Snack on!
--The Johnsonville Deli Bites Team


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I got the same email. I about to move in my new house, I don't know If will get them now because I won't live at that address anymore.
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