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  • Hello Toph, Thanks for asking to be friends. If you need anything as far as info about Charlotte, NC I'll try to answer. I grew up in Somerset County, NJ and moved here 15 years ago, my husbands company transfer him/us here. Not a bad place, how about you, where do you call home?
    Are you going to express your opinions about my signing up for pet food samples and "hoarding" dog food next? then rep each other? I do not feel the necessity of explaining my family dynamics because either 1) you do not care or 2) it does not matter or 3) other opinions or 4) all of the above. I have other things to do that need my attention. I am not the type of person who would lie just to get those freebies - most especially changing my gender. I am an educated person, brought up with values but I am not perfect also. I am not happy about these accusations. I spend a great amount of time signing up for freebies legitimately - people thinking that I(or we) do not deserve all these freebies we're getting is just heartbreaking.

    I sincerely appreciate all the rest who have been most appreciative and understanding. Why the hate? Pls. give me a break until Friday - I have a major exam.
    yes, i would like to trade. you can privat message me. next to my atava, scroll down, there is option for private message me.
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