Free Noise Cancelling Headphones $2.99 shipping

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by, Oct 5, 2010.

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    This is still working this morning, goes right through. They probably got slammed at first and the site was probably lagging.
    The if you qualify part is really funny. I think qualification just means "be a member of their site" so they can either send you trade mags or offer you discount mags. They will give them to you until they run out. I ordered a pair the other day as a homemaker for myself and decided to have R order a pair this am as unemployed and we both qualified. I had to do both on my card and have both shipped to me too. LOL.

    As soon as I ordered my pair, I broke my "cheap" $10 pair of over sized non-noise canceling ones by getting them stuck my recliner. Might be able to fix them but...
    my head still isn't that big, ha ha!

    The Sony one's I bought my daughter and R bought himself over a year ago cost $50 and the ones my son bought even more. I would bet there is not a lot of difference in these. I know with the Sony's the noise canceling part only works with a battery and if you forget to shut that off manually than your batt. goes dead but the headphones still work.

    Anyway, this is still active.
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    lol, thank you for reminding me. i had a $2.99 charge pending on my account after they told me i wasn't in the first 500. i forgot to check later to see if the charge went through, but i did email them and ask about it. also, there was a word "recur" in the title of the charge and i sure do not want anything recurring! they haven't answered my email yet and that was way last week. :run:
  4. Kamaree

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    Hmm the charge is there and has went through, not sure why it disappeared in the first place (unless I overlooked it) I also have "RECURRING" in the name of the charge... :eek3:
  5. Kimmi

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    Uh oh. I better check mine too.
  6. Kimmi

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    Did you guys hit the "no thank you" on the right bottom instead of the submit button on the mag page.
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    usually charges for me hit pending and then disappear until something is actually shipped and billed. then it is in the processed section.

    i don't remember seeing that but if i missed it guess i'll just have to cancel something later. thanks for the head's up.
  8. Kimmi

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    Mine doesn't say recurring but there is an 800 number associated. If you want it let me know.
  9. Kimmi

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    I do and it was very small and not a button but just text and if I remember lowercase too. Very easy to miss.
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    thanks. i'll go back and check my account again, maybe it's in mine too. i'm not stressing over it. eventually they'll get back to me!
  11. Kimmi

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    Ha ha. You do better than me. I stress over that kind of stuff. Our charge was for shipping only so I would be wanting to know right now what I accidentally ordered and how much it is. Oh, that reminds me that I have yet to take care of a thing I signed up for to get a free GPS. I already did this to get a free portable dvd player and they wait so long to send you the paperwork and the card to send in for the free item that you have to stay on top of it. Turns out dvd player was worth around 100 dollars though so it was worth it. I need it for a gift. Hope the gps is worth it too.
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    i called the 800 number in my bank account and after a lot of baloney, a human said call another number. 1-800-348-1495. so after more baloney, the guy assured me that there would be no other charges, just the $2.99. he didn't see any mags on order except the ones i already get for free. :)
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    thanks. dont worry web.. no other charges on my credit card and i can always dispute suspicious charges so im not worried.. :)
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    two thousand years later, they finally show up! thanks toph for mentioning they were gift wrapped. i had no idea what it was. (a pink bomb? lol) this wrapping looks just like other "free gifts" i've gotten from credit card stuff. but usually it at least said on the wrapper what it was!

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