Free I Love My Baby Bump shirt


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Hello there!

We wanted to let you know that we received your t-shirt request, but unfortunately our supplies ran out sooner than we anticipated. However, we would like to offer you a pair of Graco Lite-up Clippers (offer expires September 15).

Simply fill out this form and in return you'll receive clippers for when baby arrives and a weekly email from us with helpful information as you prepare for your new bundle (if you choose to opt in).

For those who previously filled out a similar form on our Facebook Page, we apologize for this duplication, but please fill out the form again so we can capture your shipping information to send you this congratulatory gift.

We appreciate your interest and excitement in the I Love My Baby Bump Community and are sorry our t-shirt supplies didn't last long enough to get you yours. We hope you can continue to have fun celebrating the joys of pregnancy and the anticipation of motherhood with the rest of the proud ILMBBers!

Best regards,

The Graco Team
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