Free $5 starbucks gift card-EXPIRED


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Fatal error: Interface 'Authenticator' not found in /data/servers/invite_aol_com/AMIE_APP/amie- on line 9

Thanks, Faye...I took your suggestion and it worked for me! :h5:
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this is all i get any which way i try. i'm on IE but maybe not 8.0 on this one. :(

Oops! This isn't currently a supported browser.
Any of the following browsers will work for Windows and Mac:
Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher (Windows 7, Vista, and XP)
Safari 4.0 or higher (Mac OSX 10.4 or higher)
Firefox 3.6 or higher (both)
Chrome 4.0 or higher (both)
We'll be supporting additional platforms and browsers over time.


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I'm using firefox, it doesn't say anything about recieving a gift card though. just something about an invite, and then nothing in my inbox about a gift card. I even tried two different email addresses! I'm not having much luck with offers today, I guess I have to be smarter than the offers!
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