XM Radio or Tuner Up tp $50 Mail-In-Rebate ( thru Sep-29

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    The Rebate: Up to $50
    The Products: XM radio or tuner models
    The Requirements:
    Purchase one of the eligible XM radio or tuner models listed on the right, at a
    participating retailer between 6/29/08 and 9/27/08.
    Activate XM service on that radio or tuner by 10/9/08 with a valid credit card,
    retain that card on the account for automatic recurring service billing, and maintain
    uninterrupted service for at least 6 months.
    Please allow 8-10 weeks from receipt of mail-in rebate for delivery.
    Limit one (1) rebate per radio ID, three (3) per address.
    Please retain the remainder of the original radio or tuner packaging until you receive your rebate check,in order to ensure proof of purchase.
    Please visit http://www.xm.rebatestatus.com or call 1-866-281-1125 for all rebate inquiries.
    Mail in all required materials to: XM Rebate Savings, Dept. 108857, PO Box 52900, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2900 Cash your rebate check within 90 days of the check date.

    http://www.6ave.com//Assets/ContentFile ... 062908.pdf
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