Toys R Us: Trade In Your Used iPods - 10/17!


New Member
This is pretty cool! Beginning tomorrow, October 17th - October 23rd, you can head to your local Toys R Us to trade in your used, working iPods (up to 3 per customer) for either an upgrade or to purchase something else! Here are a few details you'll need to know.
1 - Take the iPod(s) to the Guest Services desk.
2 - Once it has been confirmed that the iPod(s) are in working order and not visibly damaged, values will be offered for each of the iPods, based on the unit’s model and age (up to a max of $100!)
3 - You will then receive an activated iPod trade-up card equal to the total worth of all iPods traded (limit 1 Trade-Up card per guest).
4 - Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian complete the transaction
5 - This Trade-Up card is valid on your next purchase and can be used on any item.
6 - Make sure to call your local Toys R Us store first because not all stores are participating.
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