Newport Beach Whale Watching $15.50

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    Rarely does one get a good view of a blue whale’s backside, hence the old saying, “once in a blue moon.†Refuse to be a statistic and hop aboard one of Newport Landing’s Whale Watching ships, built just for whale watching with unobstructed views from almost any location. For $15.50, you’ll be able to catch views second only to Jonah’s, on a trip that will last longer than it took to free Willy.

    Opt to sail between May and November to set your eyes on blue whales, finback whales, huge pods of dolphins that number in the thousands, seals, killer whales, sharks and other freelancing marine creatures that enjoy putting shows for land-lovers. Or venture out between the months of December and April to witness the Great Grey Whale Migration. Regardless of when you choose to sail, the experienced and friendly staff of Newport Landing always work hard in preparation for and during whale watching trips to ensure that good views aren’t a fluke.
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