Free Software Download - AllMyTube 2.2 - Today Only


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I am a daily GAOTD visitor, and get a lot of s/w there. (I am the Laurel listed in the Geek O Meter in the right column.) If you decide to install this (or any) GAOTD program, do yourself a favor and set a system restore point 1st. With this particular d/l, a lot of reliable commenters are reporting SEVERE system issues after installation. YMMV, but do yourself a favor and set a restore point before downloading THIS particular package. Privacy freaks: be aware that this s/w "phones home" consistently. Also, pay attention during installation and be aware that the default install includes junkware toolbars. I have had mixed results with previous wondershare offers; some have been worthwhile, while others have negatively effected my system, requiring an immediate uninstall and system restore. Personally, I passed on today's offer, as there are superior freeware alternatives without the privacy implications. (See the comments section @ GAOTD for several freeware alternatives.)

Not trying to dis the s/w; just trying to warn folks of the reported issues.
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