FREE Pink Cookware Set w/ $30 P&G Purchase

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by we3kings, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. we3kings

    we3kings relentless member

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  3. Scubabobby

    Scubabobby New Member

    Thank you!:kiss:
  4. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    Now last year Kmart was participating, but I don't see it on the list of participating stores, anyone hear otherwise?
  5. billidaunsb

    billidaunsb Member

    Thank You...will drop by Brookshires tomorrow!
  6. aradia1963

    aradia1963 New Member

    Thank you!

    Found one near me!
    First time. :)
  7. freebielvr

    freebielvr New Member

    food lion is the only store listed for me.. anyone get another store??
  8. rachaelmarie

    rachaelmarie New Member

    Nothing by me, of course!
  9. douglasc727

    douglasc727 Member

    we went to community market to get ours.
  10. crazy-oldy-mom

    crazy-oldy-mom Active Member

    my shop rite is not listed but it have this
  11. nancyliu0522

    nancyliu0522 New Member

    Good to know. Thank you for sharing~
  12. Scubabobby

    Scubabobby New Member

    Reminder-tomorrow is the last day to make your purchase. And must be postmarked by 10/23/12

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