Free $25 Credit


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thanks some wii sports attachments for remotes and a pushup thingy for wii fit both with free shipping


Wise Crackin' Mama
I was able to get 2 Inflatable Racing Carts for the Wii for $2 shipped. One through me and one through hubby. Regular price is $39.99 each!


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Sorry, offer expired.

My fault though because I checked it out earlier and I thought it would be way to expensive for me.

Thanks though!


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got the credit last night, but i wanted the kitchen scale and it was saying that other people had the item in their cart?


i went to use my credit today on headphones and its gone.

Mine is gone too. I have a citi card, it never asked for anything I'd have done it properly if they'd have let me.

Guess I don't need to shop on their site with or without credit.


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Thankfully I got my order in and it looks like it's still good to go. They deleted my mom's credits though. Great company.


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I just went to check on my acct. just in case. Last night I ordered 2 bras. Totaling 24.95. Got an email and everything.

Go to the website and I have no orders processing. and I have my $25 credit back!?


Worker Bee
My credit is still there. Still can't find anything I want. Not set to expire until the 15th.


Craft Happy Member
I still have my credits; however, the order I did last night has disappeared.


Craft Happy Member
I'm not sure this company knows what they are doing. On their site it shows that my order was canceled, though I just received an email saying my order had been shipped.
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