Evrsave credit of $10 if you've made atleast $12 in purchases this year!!

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by CarrieL1125, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. CarrieL1125

    CarrieL1125 New Member

    I just got an email that because I've spent at least $12 at Eversave, that I get a $10 credit to my account. I logged in and there it was! You should have the same deal, too, if you've spent at least that much this year.
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  3. lauradman

    lauradman New Member

    Me too! :)
  4. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    I checked my account and it was there.. I didnt see an email, but then again at 1500 emails a day lately I might have missed it :kekeke: This was from getting the bluedolphin magazine deal so I could get my all you for really cheap.. WTG! The deal just got better.. extra $10!
  5. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    thanks :)
  6. imenchanted2

    imenchanted2 New Member

    I got the 10.00 to. But, I haven't gotten my all you magazine yet from bluedolphin. I'm thinking there is something wrong. Have you received your first issue yet?

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