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  • Thanks! His name's Oliver. :) And from the photo you can tell he LOVES to stick his nose in everything. Haha. He's a curious little boy.
    Look closer at my avatar and you'll see "Billy Mays," one of the geckos who lives on a flowering hibiscus in my backyard in Houston, Texas. I have recently learned that Billy Mays is not really a gecko. He is officially an anole although Texans call him a gecko. He does change from green to brown to match his scenery. Geico has been confusing everybody with their "gecko" commercials which is also not a gecko. Texas does have geckos but they are nocturnal. They have "sticky fingers" and I always see them glued to the back porch window at night looking for bugs to eat. Their coloration is kind of a neutral pinkish shade.
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