Staples Copy Paper FAR

(four days only)


Staples is offering a free ream of paper after rebate. To get this freebie, you need to visit your local Staples location. Bring this printable coupon
with you. Then use your receipt and enter the receipt number into this Easy Rebate page
to get your money back. This will be my first time using the Easy Rebate Program from Staples but I have heard from many of you that it is really easy to use.

Thanks Mojo Savings!


New Member
I wonder how much the ream is? I was thinking of doing this too. It would be my first also. Let us know how it goes.

it's something like $7.99? i've done it before with no problem. i still have the two reams from last time that i haven't used!


New Member
They would only let me get the copy paper that was 4.69. Did the rebate, it was so easy. THANKS Webhunting.:h5:
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