Select PayPal Accounts: Purchases at Lenovo Online of Orders $500+, Get $100 Off

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    1. Login to or sign up for your PayPal account
    2. Go to the PayPal Offers page
    3. Scroll down page and look for "Start Saving Now" Section then use the side-scrolling arrow button on the right side of the banner to browse through your available deals. Look for the $100 Off $500+ Purchase at Lenovo Offer
    4. Click Save Offer
    5. Go to your PayPal Wallet and confirm the Lenovo $100 Offer shows in the Offers section of the sidebar
    6. Proceed to shop at Lenovo Website with Order of $500+
    7. At checkout, proceed to pay with your PayPal payment only
      • You must select PayPal as payment method and will require to click edit then + More if PayPal is not default payment method)
    8. You'll receive an email via PayPal regarding your order and the discount applied to your order
      • Note, order will show up in your PayPal summary page but the discount may not be shown correctly on Walmart Payment page
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