One Stop Plus: *HOT* $20 off $20 Coupon Code!!

the code seemed to be very temperamental when i ordered the other day. and every time i put that topsy turvy planter in the cart, the credit would disappear. but i got 500 points posted today for ordering through mypoints. yay!!!


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From Facebook:
Roaman's: Due to our error in communicating the wrong day of the week for the expiration of the coupon to become a fan, we have re-activated the coupon. It will expire tomorrow, 4/15/10 at noon EST. Please use coupon RDFAN to take $20 off your order of $20. Apologies for the confusion.

Too bad, I hadn't gotten my money until an hour ago.. :( Grr I really want these 2 outfits, but I'm not paying full price for them. *sigh*
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