Labor Day Sale @ to 60% Off! (18+ Only)


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(18+ Only Please!), an adult retailer, is having a pretty generous Labor Day sale with discounts ranging from 20% to 60% off. I'm personally pretty excited about the beautiful glass "wands" that are on sale. There are plenty of other good deals too, like this necklace that's actually a vibrator.

There's also a 25% discount on specially selected men's toys. (For some reason, this wasn't mentioned on the sales newsletter I linked to, so I figured I'd give it its own link :p)

The Labor Day sale ends this Friday, so make good use of it while you can :)

Friendly warning: The shopping section of this site is a bit NSFW. It's pretty tasteful for what it is, but you don't want to be browsing it with kiddies or bosses in the room!
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