Free Playskool Weeble


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We'll send you a free WEEBLES figure to get those little imaginations in motion! No matter which way your little one sends them bobbing and dipping, WEEBLES always pop right back up again for hours of friendly faced fun.


Worker Bee
Kewl! Love me some weebles! (dang... tried to rep you. still need to spread it around) Thanks Billie!


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Thanks so much! Got through... thought they'd looked cool in the store but with my little one you can never tell. She's happiest with paper- napkins and my phonebook, lol. At least I'll get to see if she shows an interest before buying the playset.


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The Weebles are coming!!

People are receiving the Weebles Wobbles (but they can't Fall Down), so keep an eye out for em! :jump:
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