Free 30-Day Verizon Mobile 5G Phone Service trial


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Verizon Free Trial: 30-Day Mobile 5G Phone Service for Free when you follow the instructions below.
  1. Download and Open the My Verizon app via the linked QR Code
    • If you're using an Apple smartphone, be sure to turn on your iCloud drive in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.
  2. Click the Start Free Trial prompt at the top
    • If you don't see the Start Free Trial button, try scanning the QR code again here.
  3. Follow the prompts to check your eligibility
    • Your smartphone must have an eSIM slot available (i.e., the eSIM you want to use for Free Trial isn't active with another carrier).
    • You can't currently be a Verizon, Visible or TracFone customer.
    • You must be in the US.
    • Your smartphone can't be locked with another carrier. If locked, contact your carrier to unlock.
    • You can't have enrolled in Verizon Free Trial in the last 12 months
  4. If you meet the eligibility requirements you will be able to sign up.
  • Unlimited talk and texting (domestic calling only)
  • Up to 100 GB of 4G/5G data on Verizon's premium network
  • 480p streaming with 4G/5G Nationwide; 4K streaming with 5G Ultra Wideband
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