Free $10 Shell or Jiffy Lube Gift Card-EXPIRED

i spent about an hour trying to just read this post. kept getting sidetracked. then it loaded and died. i can't get it back up. i so hate this dial-up.


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I want this but it had been hard for me because the one question about the association of such and such engineers is wrong and because when I choose an answer to a question without a bubble (fill in the blank kind) it doesn't even select my answer! I am hopeless...


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Hey Alicialicious! I had to retake the quiz 3 times because of that question...
Oh and did you drag the answer to the empty 'bubble'?


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I get so frustrated with these things because I can't enter a PO Box for my mailing address, but I can't get mail delivered to my house address, so nothing like this will ever make it to me =(


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Hot damn...Aced it the first time w/a little help from swagbucks tool bar for searching:rofl:. I even snagged about 5 swagbucks when searching answers in another open tab:kekeke:


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Sweet! Just got this email today:

Subject: Motor Oil Matters Gift Card Fulfillment

Thank you for participating in the Motor Oil Matters game.

Your $10 Shell gift card was mailed on 09/28/2009 . Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your gift card.


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There was a link to track card delivery. Does anyone still have the link. I have not received mine either.
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