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    The Dash & Hop Mega Pack includes four exciting games in one collection! You will have all the time management challenges you can handle! Take your inspiration from Diner Dash's Flo and help these entrepreneurs master the ups and downs of their new businesses. Featuring over 210 levels of gameplay, two game modes including Story or Endless Shift, and over 20 unique shops to manage.
    Product Titles Included

    • Dairy Dash
    • Doggie Dash
    • Dress Shop Hop
    • Pet Shop Hop

    Product Overview
    Dairy Dash

    Who knew that life on the family farm could be so much fun? The Smith family has traded in modern city life for farm living! Help them care for crops, feed animals and complete chores in this fun strategy game from the makers of Diner Dash! It's more Time-Management, more Multi-Tasking, and more of what casual gamers want! Play 'til the cows come home!


    • Two Play Modes: Story & Endless Game
    • 4 Farm Locations
    • 4 Animal and 3 Plant Types
    • 13 Farm-Themed Trophies

    Doggie Dash
    Clean, groom, and pamper “Dinertown” pets while you grow your own business! Rocky the dog and Wendy the cat have brought their owners Walter and Scarlett together to run a pet spa business. The goal is to keep your customers and their pets satisfied. Work faster to keep them happier and earn more tips! Your end-goal is to build the purr-fect pet spa empire! Pick up and drop off your dog and cat customers, transport them to spa stations, and use your earnings to upgrade your shops. Soon you’ll be cleaning, grooming, and accessorizing pets!


    • Check out 2 different Game Modes: Career and Endless Shift
    • 50 Levels of Gameplay
    • 5 Unique Pet Spa Locations
    • 14 Different Pet Types
    • Over 20 purchase-able Upgrade Items to Customize your Salons!
    • 7 Pet-themed Medals


    Dress Shop Hop
    Help Bobbi make cool custom clothes! Featuring the desire to find that perfect outfit every time, Dress Shop Hop incorporates the plate-spinning fun of the Diner Dash series with the added challenge of using a set of wacky machines to make the exact clothing match. Can you keep the customers happy and Bobbi`s business afloat? It's a fast-paced challenge to execute flawless fashion, but for the talented Bobbi, it's all in a day's work! Using the Analyzer, Patternizer, and Doodazzler machines you will determine what your customers want, and then make their designs to order. Just don't forget the customer is always right!


    • 2 Game Modes: Career and Endless Shift
    • 50 Fast-paced levels of gameplay
    • 5 Customizable clothing shops
    • 11 Customer types


    Pet Shop Hop

    Pet Shop Hop is a business simulation game that you have to hop to it in order to save your family’s pet shop from being gobbled up by MegaPet Superstore! Sell pets and accessories to challenging customers! Keep the shop clean, the animals fed, and use your tips to upgrade the décor or your resources! You can also add vet certification and exotic pets to increase your profit!


    • 2 game modes: Story & Challenge
    • Over 50 levels of game play!
    • Tons of cute animals to sell!
    • Upgrade your pet shop with custom decor and exotic animals!
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