CSI: Hard Evidence PC Game $2.99+$.69 shipping

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    USE CODE 10savenbs to make it $3.38

    A drop of blood. A missing screw. A mysterious powder. Separately, they mean nothing. Together, they tell a brutal story of murder. A murder?...a suicide?...an accident?...a coincidence?... Follow the evidence and find the moment of truth. It’s all about the evidence and more like the show than ever. Join the CSI team in Vegas for more crime-solving than ever before. The truth is yours to discover.

    Product Features

    • Authentic CSI Experience: Forensic reconstructions, voice acting and visuals more like the hit TV show than ever.
    • New Garage Lab: Analyze large pieces of evidence like cars and trucks.
    • More Interactive: More areas to search, more hidden evidence to find, more lab equipment to use and more investigative features that CSI fans love.
    • More User Friendly: Improved in-game hint system.
    • Improved Visuals: Evidence collection and tool handling are more realistic so players feel more like real crime scene investigators.
    USE CODE 10savenbs to make it
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