Amazon Basics Putty Knives: 5" Flex Nylon Handle $2.60 & More


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flexible blade: works well for spreading spackle and adhesive; made of taper-ground, mirror-polished carbon steel
Nylon handle: classic-style handle provides a sturdy hold and a professional look and feel
Reinforced strength: full-length tang secured to the handle with 2 heavy-duty rivets for added support
Hammer: die-cast hammer end of the handle can be used to set nails in drywall or drive in loose or extended nails
Durable construction and warranty: consists of 60% carbon steel and 40% nylon; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty
Different widths and links are posted below:
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5” Was 5.85 now 2.60
3/4” was 5.73 now 3.28
1 1/2” was 7.30 now 4.18
3” was 6.52 now 3.73
4” was 7.79 now 5.49
6” was 6.14 now 5.53
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