3-Months Google Fi Unlimited Calls, Text & Data Phone Plan 50% Off

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    Google Fi Unlimited Calls, Text & DataPhone Plan for 50% Off listed below valid for the first 3-Months only when you click on the 'Get Started' link

    Available Option(s)
    • Google Fi Unlimited Calls/Text/Data
      • 1-Person $35/Month for 3-Months only
      • 2-Person $30/Month for 3-Months only
      • 3-Person $25/Month for 3-Months only
      • 4-Person $23/Month for 3-Months only
      • 5-Person $23/Month for 3-Months only
      • 6-Person $23/Month for 3-Months only

    • Unlimited calls, data & texts
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Low rates for calls while traveling internationally
    • VPN and spam protection included
    • Family features included at no extra cost

    • Unlimited data (high speed data up to 22 GB/person & slower after. Video may stream at DVD-quality (480p)
    • Full-speed hotspot tethering (share your data connection at no extra charge)
    • Free calls to 50+ countries & territories (calls to all other destination starts at 1ยข/min)
    • Free International data & texts abroad
    • Google One Membership w/ 100GB of cloud storage for each member
    • No contracts, cancel anytime at your discretion
    • Taxes and government fees are not included in the price
    • Offer valid while promotion last
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