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    I hope it's ok I put this on here, if it's not please delete it.

    I don't know if there are any sorority or fraternity people on here, but my alumnae group is doing a fundraiser with a Greek vendor. You can save 10% :)


    BODY { BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent } P { MARGIN: 0px } SPAN.mark { BACKGROUND: url(http://l.yimg.com/a/i/us/pim/dclient/cg300_3/img/md5/bfe4082db3a892f1c16cb9b5cf7cef98_1.png) repeat-x 50% bottom } SPAN.unmark { } Any sorority or fraternity member can use the code "AlphaPhi" on www.gonegreek.com to save 10% off their purchase between March 1st and 15th. 10% of all sales with this code will be donated back to our chapter for our yearly donations to Carolina Medical Center's Heart of a Woman and the Alpha Phi Foundation.

    Please pass this code on to your collegiate chapter and other Greek friends or family. I'm sure some of you have already started seeing this in status updates on facebook. You can copy someone's status and paste it as your own.

    They have a lot of great items and you can personalize them as well. They also are authorized to sell Vera Bradley fabric and offer many for letters. You can also embroider for an additional $5, just add it to the comments.

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