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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by N6NCY, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. N6NCY

    N6NCY New Member

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  3. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    Is it for $1.00 off?
  4. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    I got that too!

  5. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    Mine was just for $1.00 off
  6. kim

    kim New Member

    I have 7 left,if you want one,email your first name and email addy,ill send it to you.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2009
  7. DaiciMommy

    DaiciMommy New Member

    booo I went to print it and got a paper jam.. now I don't think I am going to get my coupon...
  8. N6NCY

    N6NCY New Member

    Mine didnt have me print the coupon. I think if its $1 off, you can print but a free one you get mailed to you.
  9. mrjeffp36

    mrjeffp36 New Member

    this is what I received, so it works
    Receive a coupon to try this restaurant-inspired sandwich for free.* Imagine everything you need packed fresh, including delicious oven-baked herb bread. In four delicious recipes, including Tuscan-Style Chicken and Bistro Ham and Provolone.
    *All coupons are offered while supplies last. Offer expires 6/15/2009. Up to a $4.10 value.

    Thanks! Your offer is on it's way. Want to share this offer with your family and friends? It's easy--just include their names and email addresses below and we'll do the rest!
  10. freebielover07

    freebielover07 naughty member

    got this too!
  11. megan

    megan Sexy Marathon Mama

    I got the email from you and did it, but never got a coupon??? Is it e-mailed to you or mailed? I tried clicking on the link in your e-mail again, and it said that I've already redeemed mine? So sad if I don't get it!!!
  12. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    I think it's mailed since you had to give your address
  13. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    They mail the free product coupon. The one you can print is $1 off.
  14. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    I had the print option, so guess I got the $1 off... and I've wanted to try those too, but they're pricey :(
  15. ajollygirl2

    ajollygirl2 New Member

    I got the mailed one.
  16. mrjeffp36

    mrjeffp36 New Member

    its snail mailed to you

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