ShopText 1st 500 Seventeen Pedicure Kit

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by Gigi, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Gigi

    Gigi New Member

    (EXPIRED)ShopText 1st 500 Seventeen Pedicure Kit

    ShopText 1st 500 Seventeen Pedicure Kit

    Text FAMOUS TO 467467

    it will then text you for a 12 digit UPC. Reply with


    Good Luck :fingersx:
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  3. MomOf02

    MomOf02 New Member

    will come in 8-10 weeks!! Thanks!
  4. bunnykisses

    bunnykisses New Member

    Thank you :)
  5. asianmeng

    asianmeng Member

    they didn't ask me for an address. How will they know where to send it?
  6. libellula

    libellula Certified Screwball

    :h5: Thanks!
  7. Scubabobby

    Scubabobby New Member

    did you already sign up with Shop text some other time?
    THANKS for the post!
  8. Kristin

    Kristin Witty Wonderwoman

    Thanks. :)
  9. asianmeng

    asianmeng Member

    don't think so
  10. asianmeng

    asianmeng Member

    thanks i figured it out
  11. Alicialicious

    Alicialicious New Member

  12. mypasos

    mypasos New Member

    You must have signed up at shop text at some point.:confused:

    Go to & sign up there.

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