ShoeBuy $10 off any sale item ends 1/2/10

oh crap. i was afraid of that. some of these "click through this email" stuff comes out screwy. i'm thinking this is the code just from looking at the link: EMLYRBLOWOUT09

i wonder if copying and pasting the link would work. nope, copy and paste came out the same. but i see now the link didn't come up the same way it did when i originally clicked from my email. still working on it....
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that worked. i threw the code in the box and just kept going. damn. now i want these. crocs juneau for $15.95!! usually the crocs clearance is low on stock and regular old size 8 is hard to find. unless you like purple or lime or pink!

- $10.00

Promotional Code: End of Year Blowout Sale Total: $15.95


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Ohhh, thanks!!!!! Just ordered a pair of purple for my aunts birthday in a month, she loves crocs and has every color but purple and a few others. She will be thrilled!!!!!


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Well that's can't use a promotional code and a gift certificate in the same transaction but they will let you stack gift certificates.
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