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    Accelerate Web connections up to 25x and keep your browsing private with Propel Accelerator. Works with most ISPs and speeds up your Web browsing, email and file downloads.

    Try it today with our risk-free, credit card required, 14-day trial.

    Select a Package:
    Your credit card account will not be charged for 14 days while you see for yourself how much faster your Internet experience can be.
    Yearly Subscription - $44.95
    The best value: an entire year of acceleration for 12 cents a day or $3.75 a month!
    Monthly Subscription - $4.95
    The most flexibility: monthly acceleration for 16 cents a day!
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    i downloaded and cancelled already. saw nooooooooooooo improvement. :(
  4. laurelnev

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    Just an FYI--most of these "accelerators" just re-route you through a proxy server. The proxy is ore-set to fetch what it determines are "the most popular" pages; accelerators can actually slow down your surfing if/when they actually need to fetch a "fresh" page. And for freebie mavens, that extra hop the so-called "accelerator" needs to make to fetch a fresh copy of the page may actually slow your surfing enough that you "miss" the freebie.

    When we had slow dial-up connections, proxies might actually accelerate popular pages. Now that dial-up is obsolete, I would think accelerators would be choking to death along side dial-up.

    Other more "modern" accelerators basically do what ad block plus does--strip non-relevant content out of the page so that ot appears to render faster.

    In most cases, accelerators are akin to Nigeria letters these days though: a way to make $ off the backs of less savvy web users.

    (Before flaming me, check out . I checked it out AFTER responding to this, and it basically says the same thing as I did. )

    If you DO subscribe to an accelerator, expect it to need "training", similar to a spam filter. If you visit FST several times a day, the accelerator will eventually "learn" that it needs to pre-fetch FST. However, it will always be a few minutes behind, so again, you'll end up missing those freebies when seconds can be of the essence. Going through a proxy will ALWAYS slow form submission. I know "normal" folks may not care about this, but any of us crazy-freebie types that hang out here will end up being frustrated by those lost seconds. You have little hope of being one of the 1st 1000 if you have to submit through a proxy.
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    i probably should have asked you first but i didn't think of it! i am on dial-up and i'm so sick of not being able to do much. but this really didn't help!

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