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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by bagofrats, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Okay, I did this a couple times at the beginning of the week when the $5 off $25 coupons were around. Catch is that you need to visit the dentist before the end of June 2010.

    Oral B Pulsonic rechargeable toothbrush regular price @ Wags $69.99 .
    November coupon booklet coupon, or coupon in 11/29 circular $20 off.
    Manufacturer coupon (I had to buy some on ebay :(, not sure when they were in the sunday ads: $10 off

    On the Oral-B website, you can download two rebate forms, both can apply to this.
    $15 rebate on purchase; need UPC and the completed form.
    $15 refund on dental visit; need original purchase receipt and completed form, with dentist's info on it - take it to your visit.

    $69.99-$20-$10= $39.99 OOP, with $30 in rebates

    $9.99 (and if you can get a $5 off $25 coupon, $4.99) for a decent toothbrush. (there is an insert in the package for a $10 GC by filling out a customer satisfaction survey, but that's a dead deal)

    AND...December Rite Aid SCR for $7 off the brush head refills for this toothbrush, combined with a MFQ (recent sunday ads) for $5 off (price $19.99, not sure if that's reg or sale), and getting the total up to where you can use a $5 off $20 or $25 Q. Pretty sweet.
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  3. webhunting.info

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    wow how nice! i saw the deal on the dental but didn't know you could get such a deal on the toothbrush. thanks for the post! wish the wags q was still around for $5 off whatever, but i think it's gone.

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