On-line baby shower w/prizes tonight at 8 EST

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by webhunting.info, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    from commonsense:


    I am probably breaking very important etiquette rules by inviting you to this, but I don’t want you to miss out on the games and prizes. Join me (follow me on Twitter first), Amy from ResourcefulMommy.com (follow her on Twitter too), and @huggiesmom tonight 9/29 from 8-9 PM EST. We’ll be sharing our best baby tips and memories, we will also play fun games and win prizes! Twenty guests will receive free product samples from Huggies, plus a gift card to Walmart where you can find all the items that you need for a new baby from diapers to cribs, toys to clothes.

    Start by stopping by the website Huggies for Newborn and leave me a tip on how to save money with a new baby. You can also nominate another mom to be the Guest of Honor in the next online baby shower. Don’t forget to RSVP to the Twitter Party to make sure you are entered for the prize giveaways.

    I hope to see you there. I may soon be the mom of three but this will be my first online baby shower and look forward to having you join in the fun!
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  3. Christina

    Christina Wildlife Loving Member

    How fun!
  4. snazzyd

    snazzyd White Rabbit

    missed this one.. how was it?
  5. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    i was at wags so i missed it too!
  6. snazzyd

    snazzyd White Rabbit

    lol tomorrow is my day to shop (my lil one goes over her "other family's" house for a 2 hr visit) .. just cant coupon shop with her.. she pulls at my book all the time.. nothing makes a couponer madder than a toddler messin w/ her book :eek:
  7. sissie

    sissie New Member

    I ended up making my daugher her own little book with coupons I wasnt going to use or some expired ones so she could be a couponer like mommy. My daughter loves it. Also if she sees blinkies or tear pads in the store I will always let her grab one to add one to her book
  8. snazzyd

    snazzyd White Rabbit

    oh thats a good idea.. i let her play with the expired but its still not good enough.. im trying (with little success) to teach her boundaries but she still insists on ALWAYS getting her way... very stubborn (like her mom' ;) ) so instead of a scene i just wait til i'm baby-free! then, its on!
  9. soupbean73

    soupbean73 The Finder

    It was ok. I didn't win anything :( but I did notice that laceylovespink won a gift pack. :bigthumb:
  10. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

  11. laceylovespink

    laceylovespink New Member

    it was different, it's a cool concept...yep won a gc and huggies samples but don't know how much :) Thanks webbie for posting it, I forgot all about it!

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