Old Navy mystery bag $100-$125 for only $20

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by hoangvannt, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. hoangvannt

    hoangvannt New Member

    Tomorrow only (July 9th), Old Navy stores across the country will be selling mystery bags with an original value of $100-$125 for only $20. Prior to your mystery bag purchase, you’ll be able to select the size of clothing and you can specify men, women, children or baby

    * Limit 2 bags per person; all sales are final. The merchandise inside the bags has an original value of $100-$125 and the markdown value is $40-$45. Bags cannot be sold if opened.
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  3. moomom

    moomom New Member

    sounds cool!:bigthumb:
  4. hoangvannt

    hoangvannt New Member

    yeah. I will use the $20 groupon. Perfect for me
  5. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    Other websites have been saying you cannot use the Groupon on this, since it is in the same category as their one-day deals.

    One poster who works at ON said the infant / kids bags are the best ones to get -- the adult bags are the leftover clearance clothes that no one else wanted and they had to get rid of, so the chances of getting something you like in the bags are slim.
  6. DaiciMommy

    DaiciMommy New Member

    got a grab bag yesterday! loved everything in it!! not a surprise though i love old navy!! def worth $20!
  7. hoangvannt

    hoangvannt New Member

    It didn't work for me last time when I tried to use Groupon for the 10 tanks, but it worked for me this time. I got 2 bags , 1 for myself and 1 for my step son. I love it but my stepson got a shirt that already broke (the shirt was ruin By so many scratches) :uh:
  8. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    Great that they let you use the Groupon -- most other posters said their stores wouldn't let them.

    They also said that the contents depended on the store -- if they had "good" clearance items left, the contents of the bags would be better. One store manager said they only had tee-shirts left, so the adult bags contained five printed tee shirts each.

    Glad it worked out for you! :h5:

    If you didn't get the bags, when the clearance goes to 50% off, the price works out to be basically the same and you get to pick your items.
  9. Niki

    Niki Member

    I got some women's tops. All clearanced items, but not bad choices, I suppose. At least they let me use my Groupon. They were out of the baby boy's bags, which was disappointing.
  10. hoangvannt

    hoangvannt New Member

    My store had most baby boy or girl bags leftover but were almost out of woman and man size S. I was lucky enough to get the last one

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