Old Navy $2 tank on friday and saturday

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by hoangvannt, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. hoangvannt

    hoangvannt New Member

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  3. DaiciMommy

    DaiciMommy New Member

    thanks!! love it!
  4. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    Check your receipt -- some of the colors (for me, the two charcoal gray ones) are not being reduced with the coupon.

    I only bought the tanks, so knew it should come to $20 (10 tanks @ $2 each) -- when it came to $31, I knew something was wrong and questioned it. Cashier had to manually reduce the price.

    If you are buying other things in the same order, you might not realize it.
  5. hoangvannt

    hoangvannt New Member

    thanks for letting us know. I will go there now. Hopefully i get see something that i'm interested. I love tank
  6. efrain1974

    efrain1974 New Member

    i not sure if i can use the coupon today, cause the couppon state 6/24 , i m going to try THANKS Van
  7. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member

    You do not need the coupon today -- today the sale is for the general public.

    The coupon was just to get in on the pre-sale, buy them a day early (Friday).

    I stopped in this morning, to see if they had any new colors. From the piles and piles they had yesterday for the pre-sale, today the table is almost bare. Yesterday they were marked $7.50 each -- today marked $2 each, so no coupon necessary.
  8. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    yep i did the facebook coupon for the $2 tanks on Friday got me 4 plus got my free outfit at Old Navy from the houseparty
  9. efrain1974

    efrain1974 New Member

    Thanks i got 10 , they had many colors, size and big piles, great deal
  10. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather New Member


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