Keyboard Protector Skins For 13-15 Inch Notebook .59 shipped


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Is this site legit?

Is this site legit? I get that "too good to be true" vibe from this site. They have alot of nice items I am tempted to buy for Christmas gifts that are really cheap and I just want to make sure its legit. Has anyone ordered from this company? Do they take forever to ship items? How is their customer service?


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yes it is legit. i asked the same question before :kekeke: i have never ordered from them though.. the laptop skin is a nice one. i might bite rrrrr :)

edit: nope im not biting. lol
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i've purchased from meritline before .. it's legit

items usually come from hk/china and you aren't getting top of the line stuff at 59 cents, as you can imagine - but it usually does the job and works fine. pick and choose wisely. shipping takes a normal amt of time. if you've ever ordered from artscow, it's comparable to their shipping time.

i've ordered before and i think they're fast. the last thing i ordered a few days ago is on its way. i'm not gonna say it's high quality stuff though. mostly made in china.


Yeah! got mine

I wonder how much it costs these guys to ship something from China, anyways?

Oh well. I'll be looking forward to getting it, three weeks or not!
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