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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by hippiekrystal, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. hippiekrystal

    hippiekrystal New Member

    Ages 13-24 only please.

    Purchase any olay daily facial or olay cleansing cloth product and you could score a free compact mirror from seventeen.

    Just text olay to 467467 with the upc code 7560904126
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  3. bagofrats

    bagofrats New Member

    Thanks! :bigthumb:
  4. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    i know this is a dumb ? but did i just click send sms, type in 467467 and type in upc? and also do i get anything back ???
  5. bagofrats

    bagofrats New Member

    Type olay and then send it. It will text you back prompting for age and upc #.
  6. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    k im waiting on both of them to text me back!!! thanks bagofrats
  7. baller41124

    baller41124 New Member

    never got a response yet ???
  8. haydudeitsme

    haydudeitsme New Member

    I haven't gotten anything since I typed in an age. Still waiting so that I can put in the UPC. Usually these things are pretty immediate, at least in my experience. I've found that if I don't get a response right away, I probably won't get one, so they may have run out already. I could be wrong, but that's just my experience.
  9. DOT89

    DOT89 queen of cheap

    thanks worked for me
  10. jldavern

    jldavern New Member

    Worked for me. Thanks!!
  11. Victoria

    Victoria New Member

    expired :(

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