Free $25 Credit

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Smiling Princess

    Smiling Princess Active Member

  4. chrisman

    chrisman New Member

    thanks some wii sports attachments for remotes and a pushup thingy for wii fit both with free shipping
  5. Billie

    Billie Wise Crackin' Mama

    I was able to get 2 Inflatable Racing Carts for the Wii for $2 shipped. One through me and one through hubby. Regular price is $39.99 each!
  6. Dewdrop01

    Dewdrop01 New Member

    Got two bras!!!! 0 oop! Thanks :)
  7. WindHarvester

    WindHarvester New Member

    Sorry, offer expired.

    My fault though because I checked it out earlier and I thought it would be way to expensive for me.

    Thanks though!
  8. freebielvr

    freebielvr New Member

    got the credit last night, but i wanted the kitchen scale and it was saying that other people had the item in their cart?
  9. Chilidogbarb

    Chilidogbarb Member

    Error on page - not working.:uh:
  10. anne222

    anne222 New Member

    error on page bummer
  11. destyne

    destyne New Member

    i went to use my credit today on headphones and its gone.
  12. afan

    afan Member

    Mine is gone too. I have a citi card, it never asked for anything I'd have done it properly if they'd have let me.

    Guess I don't need to shop on their site with or without credit.
  13. gato

    gato Member

    Just checked and mine is gone as well. They won't be getting my business.
  14. zafflower

    zafflower New Member

    Thankfully I got my order in and it looks like it's still good to go. They deleted my mom's credits though. Great company.
  15. Dewdrop01

    Dewdrop01 New Member


    I just went to check on my acct. just in case. Last night I ordered 2 bras. Totaling 24.95. Got an email and everything.

    Go to the website and I have no orders processing. and I have my $25 credit back!?
  16. Kay

    Kay Worker Bee

    My credit is still there. Still can't find anything I want. Not set to expire until the 15th.
  17. destyne

    destyne New Member

    my credits are gone, im highly disapointed!
  18. Risa

    Risa Craft Happy Member

    I still have my credits; however, the order I did last night has disappeared.
  19. kathisierra

    kathisierra Main Page Member

    yeah read the last comments under the offer on the main page, think this is a dead deal.
  20. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    My credits are back and they canceled the order! hmm.
  21. Risa

    Risa Craft Happy Member

    I'm not sure this company knows what they are doing. On their site it shows that my order was canceled, though I just received an email saying my order had been shipped.

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