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    Detective Brett Hopper is having a really bad day, accused of killing Asst. DA Alberto Garza. He has an alibi, but no one believes him. When he realizes that he has been framed, he tries to run away but has to stop when he learns that his loved ones are also in danger. But one morning, he wakes up and relives the same day over and over again. To stop this cycle, solve the mystery and have a normal life, he must find out who framed him. Taye Diggs (Kevin Hill) stars in this action-packed thriller that takes a bad day and multiplies it by infinity. Detective Brett Hopper (Diggs) is having a hellacious day; the kind of day where nothing goes his way and he just can't wait to put it behind him... only he can't, because he's living the same day over and over again. Hopper is accused of killing Assistant District Attorney Alberto Garza. He offers a solid alibi which no one believes. He realizes he's been framed. And he runs, discovering en route that not only he, but also his loved ones are in danger. He then wakes up and relives the same day over and over again. In order to break the cycle and move on, he has to figure out who framed him and solve the complex mystery surrounding Garza's death. He is also forced to heal the fractured relationships with those he loves. Either Hopper can break this day, or this day will break Hopper. Caught in the vicious cycle of his horrific day is girlfriend Rita Shelten (Moon Bloodgood, Eight Below), who is the first to be sacrificed by the mysterious individuals out to frame Hopper; Rita's ex-husband and Hopper's ex-partner, Chad Shelten (Adam Baldwin, Independence Day, Serenity, Full Metal Jacket) - now with Internal Affairs - is jealous of the relationship and knows much more about what's going on than he's willing to admit; Hopper's sister, Jennifer Mathis (Meta Golding), not only has to deal with the abuses of her husband but is in danger as she and her children are used as pawns to get to her brother; Hopper's partner, Andrea Battle (Victoria Pratt, Mutant X, Cleopatra 2525), is under scrutiny by the department and Internal Affairs - can she be trusted?; and reputed gang leader Damien Ortiz (Ramon Rodriguez) discovers that his police-protected cover has been inexplicably blown and that he is somehow connected to Hopper's dilemma and now a target in the conspiracy. Only when Hopper figures out why his life is broken and how to fix it will he awaken to a brand new day. He will not only try to save himself but those close to him who are now in danger. But he must carefully weigh each decision he makes, as all will have consequences - advantageous or disastrous.

    546 minutes
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