Check your email.. Happy Baby free product coupon

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by getitfree, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. getitfree

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    They have them at Whole Foods. I plan to check Meijers today. You can also call the company and ask what store carries a particular item. The meals are very good btw. My boys love the salmon sticks and the mac and cheese. In fact, I ate some too!
  2. freebielvr

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    i dont have a whole foods near me :( but i will email the company and see what i can find out
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    i never got the e-mail :( can someone send it to me? can it be pm'ed? thanks.
  5. getitfree

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    My local Target has the frozen products! Veggie bites, salmon sticks, mac and cheese balls and chicken nugggets! I just got several boxes and the transaction went perfect.. the coupons all scanned just fine. They are located in the frozen section, but NOT with the kids meals, they are in the health food, organic frozen section.
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  8. freebielvr

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    thanx will try to look here

  9. getitfree

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    If you go to the happy baby website, and click on store locator, then put in your address, or zipcodes.. the stores that carry their products will appear... if you click on the store, it will tell you the exact store and address. For example, mine had Target listed, but there are 2 Targets near me. When I clicked on Target, it told me which Target carries Happy Baby products. Also, for the frozen meals, look in the health food/organic frozen section.. not where the regular frozen kids meals are.
  10. getitfree

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    The email link for the coupon is no longer available. The link now reads.. this coupon is no longer available due to people abusing the coupon. If you want a coupon, pls email us.. one per family!
  11. hoangvannt

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    we dont have target in my area, but i checked, and Vons carries it
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    Q expires tomorrow

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