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    In case anyone is interested... BP stations (except in New Jersey) are offering a 10 BP Rewards Card (to be used at a later date at BP Stations) for every 5 fill ups. A fill up is 8 gallons. Here is how it works. You go to BP, get 8 gallons.. take the receipt (if you paid at the pump) to the cashier, he gives you a card, you scratch off and get a code. You go to thankyoudays.com and register.. then enter the code. Once you enter 5 codes, they send you a 10.00 rewards card. You can do this process 3 times, getting $30.00 in BP money. When you go to the gas station, if you are getting 16 gallons, do it in 2 transactions, with 2 receipts and you will get 2 cards. I just entered 15 codes, they sent a confirmation email that I will receive 3 cards.. each worth $10.00. Now.. I can get started using relatives addresses.. Since I drive 150 miles a day this is a good promo for me.. also, BP is the same price per gallon in my area as all the other stations, and sometimes it is a few pennies lower. Lastly, the cashier does not keep the receipt, you only have to show it.
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