Amazon Shipping Rate Question???


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Sorry this may be the wrong place to post this but....I see pretty good deals all the time on Amazon but Iv never purchsed anything there because I dont know how to tell what the shipping cost is which is frustrating can anyone help me out with this???


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I know that once you begin the checkout proces it will show you....give you which option you want. Also...if its sold by someone other than should show you the price on the items page...look on the right side of the page towards the top


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If u sign up for Amazon Prime u get a lots of stuff shipped in 2days. U can be a student or a mom and get it free!!


Active Member (and similar sites) are great for Amazon shopping.

Certain items at qualify for free shipping, but sometimes the purchase falls short of the minimum $25 needed to receive the free shipping. Enter the amount you need to see a list of products that qualify for free shipping

That particular filler item site also offers a firefox extension.

My mom wanted a book she had seen reviewed for her birthday. That and the previous book by the same author came to just shy of $25. When I called Mon for her birthday, she got a good laugh when I explained the carriage bolt that came with the 2 books. But as a Scot, she appreciated that a ~$1.25 carriage bolt saved me like $6 in shipping, so she liked the gift even better.

GREAT site if you shop Amazon & don't have Prime.
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