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Ladysteeler, Have you ever had a party with My-Party? I tried to apply but I got an error, I contacted them LOL

We had the American Music Ward party last year and got in again this year. They sent me an email yesterday because I am on there mailing list to let me no they had extra kit and would be taking more apps.

Try schrolling down to bottom where it says apply now. "in gray"


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applied..thanks really hope that i get this one, does it say when everyone should know if they got in or not?


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applied..thanks really hope that i get this one, does it say when everyone should know if they got in or not?

it takes like a day or 2 it's fast, but you have to have the consent for filled out to reserve your spot once you're picked(kinda like house party)


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You have activated your Coca-Cola® American Music Awards® Viewing Party Page!

Your next steps:

Step 1- Go to your MyParty Page (login at, select "Coca-Cola American Music Awards Viewing Party 2011" under "My Hosted Parties"

Step 2- Create your invitation using our e-mail invitation system OR click on "Invite your friends using Facebook!"

Step 3- Invite your guests

Step 4- Plan your party and watch for your Party Kit being sent to you

Step 5- Rock it out November 20, 2011 during the American Music Awards

Don’t forget to get online to talk up your party, share ideas, and post photos before, during, and after the party!

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Thanks so much!!!


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My sister got in yesterday too! She was so surprised to hear from them so quickly!
Thanks for the heads up!


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Thanks for posting Ladysteeler! We got this last year and it was awesome. The email I used then has since been deactivated, and would have missed it had you not posted. But, we are in again! Woo-hoo! :bigthumb:


I get on their email list after I got this party so sounds like they have a good number of extra kits which is good.
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anyone receive it yet? Its the 9th and the AMA's are in roughly 11 days. Beginning to wonder if they ain't going to come through with their end of the bargain


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The kits are supposed to arrive on or around the 15th. Also, several people received emails, seems they were double checking on some applicants' authenticity, and if they didn't contact MyParty back, they aren't going to get it.
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