A good deal on comforter sets...

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by momofbee, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    Brylane Home has Comforter Sets on Clearance. Save an additional 25% with code BHACABIN25. Shipping is only $4.99. But, maybe someone can find a free shipping code.


    These prices are after the 25% off code:
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  3. Diana

    Diana homesick member

    what's the thread count? :kekeke:
  4. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    Well, for that price, probably a 5 - It would probably feel like sleeping on cardboard-don't be a sheet snob, Diana :rofl:
  5. Diana

    Diana homesick member

    :rofl: I actually just bought me a new comforter before we moved at WAL-MART for like 20.00 bucks
  6. MeShA

    MeShA Ran Ragged Mama

    I have to say, I like the bed in bag I bought at Kmart. The sheet feels just fine, it actually STAYS on my bed, and the comforter isn't heavy but keeps us warm!
  7. CandyToo

    CandyToo Observant Member

    You guys are funny. I would love to order one but I keep getting the "I don't want one more thing to move" lecture, so I think I"ll skip this one. :cry:
  8. Diana

    Diana homesick member

    My bed in a bag I got worked just fine too, we got a bigger bed, and needed bigger sheets (but I'm pretty sure I bought another one... lol)

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