A good deal on a curling iron

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by momofbee, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member


    Solia Professional Spiral Curling Iron-80% off

    Apply code SOLIA10 for an extra $10 off.

    was $59.95, save $47.96

    Order Discount: - $10.00
    Item Sub-Total: $11.99
    Shipping: $5.95
    Tax: $0.00

    Grand Total: $7.94
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  3. Tigerfreak21

    Tigerfreak21 New Member

    I think i might just get this!!! :) Thanks
  4. brighten27

    brighten27 New Member

    Thanks for letting us know about this great BARGAIN. I went to go purchase and it has been Discontinued. : ) I really didnt need it anyhow. BUT I'm a sucker for a great bargain. LOL

    MD MOMMY New Member

    Ah POO POO..I was going to order too. I've been looking for one of these.
  6. momofbee

    momofbee Senior Member

    Sorry! :(

    Guess they sold out fast! :(

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