$15 off any purchase The Limited


White Rabbit
it excludes anything thats been marked down and accessories.. but i wonder if they consider socks an accessory.. i could use some new socks :)


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That 995 code is for in-store redemption, that's what the cashier is supposed to put in as coupon code. There should be another code that you received in the email that is to be used online.


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I know I have gotten these from the Limited before and usually the $15 code is only good in store and the other amounts are good in store or online.

Hope that helps!


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I got this from someone.. the code for online cannot be used more than once.
However, when I made my purchase (that i screwed up and had to call in to fix) they said code 995 is a valid code for use.. they just could not apply it to my purchase because my items were on sale.. you cannot use this code for on sale items! Regular priced items only... if you tried to use it for on sale items it wont work and wont go thru. It says it right on the coupon.
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