125 Free Disney Movie rewards points this month


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Don't forget to save up your reward code entries until December 10th since they will double the points on that day only!!


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I meant to save up any codes you have from purchasing Disney movies. Those codes are worth up to 100 points so you can get up to 200 points if you wait until Dec. 10 to update your account.

You need to add the right code on the proper day to get 5 points. "Elf" is only good for 5 points today. Tomorrow there will be a new 5-point code.


Texas Bounty Hunter
The new code isn't on the website yet. Don't know why.

TODAY is DOUBLE POINTS day at DisneyMovieRewards.com !!


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i think they will not post one today.it is the last double points day.You get double points for 3 codes today.It sucks that you only get to use 3 codes but thats an extra 600 points for me tho.Hello fathead prize for my daughter today!!!:wiggle:


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:wiggle: Yea, my husband saved 4 codes from movies, and was bummed that we only got to use 3, but hey, that's 300 points we wouldn't have otherwise had! We just cashed in about 2000 points for a couple Xmas gifts, so it's time to replenish:kekeke:.
Oh...if anyone is cashing in for the "Dug" dog from "Up", it's awesome! it's huge (2 ft long, 1 ft tall ), and oh so squishy!!!
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