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  1. hollysaurusrawr

    Last minute gift at Old Navy

    Old Navy has their performance fleece jackets on sale for 8 dollars this week. They also have 10 dollars sweaters, and 5 dollar pajama pants. Use this 30% off any item coupon for an even better deal. Went to Old Navy this morning and bought a performance fleece jacket (it gets so cold at work)...
  2. hollysaurusrawr

    Candy Land: 4 dollars shipped

    On Amazon. I love the free 2 day shipping. I just ordered this for my little cousin to complete her Christmas gift. Her mom really wanted her to have this game, and I was waiting to find a good deal on it...
  3. hollysaurusrawr

    Good deal for dog owners normally has free shipping on orders of $50 or more. However, until the 31st, they have free shipping no minimum, so for those of you who special order your dog food online, this makes for a good deal. Use code FREE
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