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  1. wendimj

    $10 off $10 at

    I don't remember exactly, but they were listed with the items which ones they had available
  2. wendimj

    $10 off $10 at

    so shipping is $4.99 unless you spend $49. BUT that amount is before discounts, e-coupons etc. AND you can spend the $49 across all 4 of their sites (,, and I spent the $10 on and another $39 on things at the other 3 sites. I used the $10/$10 from...
  3. wendimj

    Cool Juice coupon I can't use, would anyone like it?

    Looks like California, a few in Nevada, Southern Idaho, and maybe Utah are where it's sold.
  4. wendimj

    Hot! Turn your favorite photo into a Canvas For FREE!!

    I did this in the 8x10 size for my son and new daughter in law. I used one of the pictures that the photographer at their wedding took and it turned out awesome! I think they are going to love it!
  5. wendimj $10 off + Free Shipping = FREE or CHEAP

    The email I got concerning this was that because the item is under $10 the coupon code wouldn't work on the site BUT customer service can and are willing to apply the coupon if you call them.
  6. wendimj 24 Rolls of Marcel Toilet Ppaer ONLY $2.99 5/22 ONLY

    Mine was cancelled too :mad:. I have never had staples cancel anything on me before like they did this. It was either listed as sold out or I got an email saying it would be a couple extra days to get it to me. This blaming the "while supplies last" during the "one day sale" is crap. They should...
  7. wendimj

    JCPenney $10 off $10

    Yes that included :puke:tax :puke::rofl:
  8. wendimj

    JCPenney $10 off $10

    I took my coupon to the store today (since I had to go by there anyway) and got the following to go with birthday gifts for my boys: 1 Mens T-Shirt 1 Boys Long Sleeve Shirt 1 Boys Zip Front Sweat Shirt Oop $4.58
  9. wendimj

    JCPenney $10 off $10

    I get the $10/$10 mailed coupon as well as the $10/$50 and $10/$40 all the time and I don't have a JCP account. I signed up for the JCPenney rewards program way back when and that's why I figured I got the coupons. My mom gets them too and she doesn't have a JCP account either. :dunno:
  10. wendimj

    JCPenney $10 off $10

    :kiss: you're welcome. I was always trying to use it in the outlet to get the best deals and couldn't. Now I just hope I get the mailed coupon so I can take it to the store. I get way better deals that way anyway except that it's in Idaho and I have to pay tax and drive 45 minutes to get there...
  11. wendimj

    JCPenney $10 off $10

    According to my mailed coupon: Does not apply to Cosmetics & Fragrances, Cookware, Electronics, Floor Care, Furniture and Matresses, Kitchen Electrics, Personal Care, Sephora, Levi's, Outlet Stores, Services, Salon Service & Service Contracts, or Gift Card/e-Gift Cards, Current orders or prior...
  12. wendimj

    Free Cream of Wheat sample

    Cream of Wheat sample Just got this in an email. Hope it wasn't already posted. If that doesn't work try and click on the free sample link on the right
  13. wendimj

    Staples deals week of 1/10

    Pentel RSVP Assorted Pens 5pk $1 w/IAQ limit 2 Pentel eSharp Mechanical Pencils 3pk Assorted $1 w/IAQ limit 2 Staples Black Full Strip Stapler Value Pack $1 w/IAQ limit 2 Staples Accel 1-Subject Notebook 100 Sheets $1 w/IAQ limit 2 Staples Specialty Envelopes (4x6 photo size) 50 pack $1 w/IAQ...
  14. wendimj

    Free $25 GC to

    You're Welcome. There isn't a whole lot on there for $20 even, but there is some stuff you can find for less than that. There were 2 things that I saw that were $10 so you could get 2 of those and still get them free. One of them was "Hard Core Playing Cards" (for those special men in your life...
  15. wendimj

    Free $25 GC to

    3-10 day shipping is $5 so you can order anything for $20 or less for free without even giving a credit card :)
  16. wendimj

    Old Navy - IN STORE

    I was at Old Navy today and they have big signs that all of their clearance merchandise is an additional 50% off! I do not know if this is ALL Old Navy's or not, but worth checking into. I got: 1 Pair of boys Jeans 1 Girls T-Shirt 2 Mens T-Shirts oop $8.23 (I hate sales tax!)
  17. wendimj

    Expired - $15 off $15 at the Nascar store..

    I was just able to get 3 die cast dale jr cars and a t-shirt for my brother for $1.88 THANKS!! (one more christmas present done!)
  18. wendimj

    Free $15 Kodak Gallery gift card

    There is a new giveaway that started today for another $15. The new code expires Nov. 5th. I was able to sign up with a second email address.
  19. wendimj

    Kmart Smart Assist savings program For Unemployed Customers

    they had all the states listed in the "choose your state" section, but I didn't dig any further into it. I just thought it was worth looking into for someone that might need it ;)
  20. wendimj

    Kmart Smart Assist savings program For Unemployed Customers

    Not sure this is really a "hot deal" but I wasn't sure where else to post it. 20% Off Select Own-Brand Merchandise for Unemployed Customers Kmart own-brands give you huge savings versus your favorite national brands every day...and now you'll get to increase those savings by an additional...
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